Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BTP Client's Taking 1st Place...

UPSTA Womens Tennis- 
BTP student Monica Geyer and her women's team won 1st place in the Sunriver Tennis Tournament. Way to go ladies.

Off The Court

Student Gemo Wong breaks a sweat on the court...and then hits the turn table to try and get others to break a sweat on the dance floor. 


For the super fabulous...
Ever thought you might need or want a Chanel tennis raquet?
You never know....perhaps it will improve your tennis game....or maybe your opponent won't be able to take his/her eyes off and you win! 

A Must Read

Learn from the Best- Marion Blackburn writes about The Best Tennis Lesson You Ever Had. This book will improve your tennis skills and give an added boost of inspiration.

Clay Tennis Courts in the Swiss Alps

Student Jeff Ruby was fortunate enough to vacation to the beautiful Swiss Alps in 2007. 4,100 feet up, Jeff visited the winter ski resort and host of the Lauberhom world cup downhill ski race in Wengen, Switzerland.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


For the Maria fans...
September 2008 - In New York City, Maria was out and involved in many of the events for Fashion Week.