Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Proper Grip is Tennis 101

Eastern Forehand Grip

Eastern Forehand: Basic grip to apply to all shots
a. topspin groundstrokes
b. underspin and flat groundstrokes
c. all serves

Semi-Western Forehand

Semi-Western Forehand: Grip used for mild topspin; forehand groundstrokes only

Western Forehand

Western Forehand: Grip used to create heavy topspin for forehand groundstrokes only


a. groundstrokes: use this grip to hit a forehand flat or with underspin--- or ---one and two-handed backhand shots flat, slice, or with topspin
b. serves: flat, slice, topspin
c. all volleys

Two-Handed Backhand

Two-Handed Backhand
a. Eastern grip top and bottom hands [pictured]
b. switch to Continental grip on the bottom hand to achieve more topspin