Thursday, December 11, 2008

Schedule Reminder

Classes are cancelled beginning December 22- January 3, 2009 and
will resume with a normal schedule on January 5, 2009.

Anthony wishes all a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

BTP City Leauge H Team - Captain's Corner

From Sue Jensen; captain of H Team at PAC --

The season thus far....

9/9/08 Mac Club strolls in and notices our ‘new’ uniform. Feeling suddenly nervous, they proceed to fall like a deck of cards. We win 11-4.
9/30 Club Green Meadows offers mazes of halls leading to nowhere, until we finally arrive at the courts, exhausted, and too tired to impose our will completely. They win 9-6.
10/14/08 Mac Club waits for us with usual greedy hopes. Kempton is left out of the match, as the club provides no helmets. We lose our nerves and the match, 9-6
10/28/08 LO- Pretending to be really nice, they take us to the woodshed- 9-5
11/4/08 Jazzy Sunset tries to distract us with their new lobby and catered food, but it doesn’t work. We win 10-6.
11/11/08- Mountain Park tries to discomfort us by moving to the uncomfortable side of the club. ..oops- we liked it better. We get 9 points to their 5.

Hey, team, we’re having a great year. Kudos to our Singles players, no losses at all!!
Our doubles teams have worked super hard and the whole team is ‘seasoning’ well. This looks like a trend. And, correct me if I’m wrong, we are really having a great time.

Things to work on to kick even more butt:

Commitment: make practice a high priority. Anthony wants us to come together in practice to work on drills and techniques more, as a team.

Play More: if you are playing only 2x a week, try to add one more. If you are playing 5x a week, get some rest!

Health: Stretch. Those sinews aren’t going to flatten out by themselves. Don’t step on rocks. Eat your vegetables and your protein.

Technique development: get together and work on certain shots and drills, take a lesson-- think,when you hit that ball, what would Venus or Roger do? Visualize. Look at the letters on the ball. Improve your mini-steps.

That’s all for now. In closing, do as I say, not as I do!

Sue Jensen

BTP 2003

Giving it up to old and continuing students from Anthony's 3.5 Men's group class.
Mitsuru, Hoover Li, Dave G, Jeff Ruby and Anthony himself.

Mitsuru was a former student from Japan who won a Nike singles tournament. Mitsuru is a physician who resides in Japan. He was taking lessons from Anthony, while spending time in Portland conducting medical research at OHSU.


Stroke Production

1. Consistency
2. Ball Depth
3. Ball Placement
4. Power

You're stroke must possess each of the prior steps before your shot can truly be effective.