Wednesday, June 3, 2009

BTP Summer Camp 2009

It's that time a year. BTP summer camps are almost here. Reserve your child's spot.
June 22-26
July 13-17
August 17-21
Ages 7 to 17, All levels, Boys and Girls
Camp time: 11:00am - 4:00pm at the Portland Athletic Club
Age and level specific drills as well as on court coaching

A fun way for your children to spend the summer while staying active.
Please call 503.292.2649 for additional information.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

BTP Students Travel on and off the Court

BTP student Toni Eddy returned from India and thankfully shared a few photos.
These are amazing!


Coming this Sunday, June 7th catch the Singer/Kanter against ERC-Coughran.

For updates check out -
Enter Team Name: PAC-Singer/Kanter, Genter: Female, Leverl: 2.5

Pro Talk

No matter the level, every tennis player goes through the Factor of 4 each time they prepare to hit the tennis ball.
1. Mental
2. Body
3. Footwork
4. The stroke

BTP City League H Team - Captain Sue's Motivation

Hi, team.  It's time to shake off the cobwebs that may have accumulated and dust off your rackets, check out your shoes, strings, and BODIES, and get started on another season.  If we want to hold onto our lead, we need to come out swinging (with control, of course).

The basics are always a good place to warm up. WATCH the ball off the racket. MOVE FEET, Large steps, baby steps.  DECIDE. TURN.  LOOK  at the ball. HEAD down. PUSH through the ball. FINISH the stroke. POSITION, SPLIT STEP.  STRETCH......... afterwards.

Nerve control.  We handle it in different ways.  But we all have the yips on the court- otherwise we wouldn't be really competing.  Try taking deep breaths.  Try SMILING.  We all have off and on days, some more exxagerated than others (mine)  Just know that and realize that life WILL go on if you miss a shot.

You have been so WONDERFUL this season!!!  We've got a great team of committed women and also friends.  Continue to be supportive, practice alot and have FUN!!

Captain Sue